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Plights of Tibetans in Tibet

tendorjTibet is a beautiful country surrounded by snow capped mountains. It’s like a dream destination or paradise. Tibetans are religious and peace loving people and follow non – violence and they never harm others. But in 1959, Tibet was invaded by Chinese which is now the most populated and powerful country. They killed most of Tibetans, simultaneously some Tibetans came to exile India with our spiritual leader “H.H. the 14th Dalai lama and got modern education and exposure to Indian culture and tradition. But now in 2012, Tibetans living in Tibet are doing their best to get Tibet back; they are suffering and dying because Chinese armies are torturing them in the worst ways. Chinese don’t even let Tibetans pray and stay in their monasteries as monks, common people. They are never getting any good job and they are given the worst job that is left. But still Tibetans in Tibet inspite of facing these problems are deliberately staying in Tibet. Tibetans living in Tibet are doing their best to save our culture and tradition. So, Tibetans here in India must know that, it is our responsibility to save our culture and tradition in India. It’s our obligation to let the world know about the struggle of our kith and kin in our beloved mother land. The Indian government is generous and kind in providing us food, clothing and shelter. So, living in such a wonderful country where we breathe the air of freedom, every minute, we have every possibility to do a lot for our motherland. We have to preserve and promote our unique and glorious tradition and culture to every nook and cranny of the world. We will always remain indebted to our second motherland “India” who has been very kind and helpful in times of our need. We bow down to great India. I am a Tibetan boy and I requested the powerful countries in the world to please help Tibetans, and join the Tibetan struggle. Chinese are destroying humanity and wiping out Tibetans in their own motherland. So friends, please join hands and support the Tibetan cause as we all say and believe in ;-
One world One race So why don’t you help each other!!!
Free Tibet Save Tibet
“By Tenzin Dorjee IX B 3347


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